Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Engineering
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Water Resources Engineering

Hydromethods engineers have had a great deal of experience and success with water resources engineering projects throughout Minnesota.  The professionals on our team have designed numerous stormwater control and treatment facilities, and have performed hydrologic, hydraulic and pollutant loading analyses in support of a wide variety of water quality enhancement and flood reduction initiatives.  From small-scale feasibility reports for industrial facility BMP retrofits, to full construction bidding documents for city projects, our staff is capable of filling a range of engineering needs. 

      Typical Water Resources Project Types:
  • Drainage Improvements & Flood Prevention
  • Stormwater Conveyance Design & Modeling
  • Floodplain & Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling (XP-SWMM, HydroCAD, HEC-RAS, Etc.)
  • Nutrient/Pollutant Load Modeling (P8, WinSLAMM, SWAT, BATHTUB, BASINS, HSPF, Etc.)
  • Shoreland Restoration
  • Rain Gardens, Bioretention Areas and Media Filters 
  • Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) Design & Pollutant Removal Estimation
  • Porous Pavements
  • Underground Storage/Retention
  • Stormwater Harvesting & Reuse
  • Pump Stations & Bypass Pumping
  • Hydrodynamic Separators, Settling Chambers, or Filtration Units
  • Hydraulic Control Structures
  • Fish Barriers
  • Soil Characterization & Infiltration Verification
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Wetland Services

While there are a range of water resources project types, they share a number of similar characteristics.  In all cases, the key to success is clarity.  Whether the project involves a small drainage improvement or BMP retrofit, or a large hydraulic study or site development, success depends on clearly identifying the project goals, as well as any regulatory or permitting issues.

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