Water Resources Engineering
Sample Projects

Project:    Maplewood State Park Hydrologic Analysis - 2013
Client:      Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

In an effort to analyze road and horse trail flooding, Hydromethods utilized an available Digital Elevation Model, GIS data, and park record drawings, to create a dynamic XP-SWMM model for the park.  Additional park surface water information was surveyed for model calibration, and the completed model was delivered to the DNR for improvement prioritization.   

Project:    Hydes Lake Denitrification Bioreactor - 2013
Client:      Carver County Water Management Organization

Hydromethods analyzed the agricultural subwatershed and designed a woodchip bioreactor to remove approximately 80% of the annual nitrogen load. Construction plans, specifications, and management services were provided for this fall 2013 project.   

Project:    Thompson Lake PAH Study - 2013
Client:      Lower Mississippi River Water Management Organization

Thompson Lake in West St. Paul has, like many urban water bodies, been accumulating Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from its watershed for years. Hydromethods was consulted to investigate the extent of contamination, review new literature on the subject, and provide a report summarizing costs and benefits associated with a range of remediation alternatives.   

    Sherren-Dellwood Stormwater Improvements - 2013

Client:      City of Roseville, MN

After reviewing available information related to this flood-prone residential neighborhood, Hydromethods updated the XP-SWMM model to analyze and develop feasible solutions.   Ultimately, four alternatives were outlined providing a varying degree of conveyance, treatment, and volume reduction, including underground storage, ponding, and pervious pavements.  The associated hydraulic benefits and construction costs were outlined in a technical memorandum for Staff consideration.

Project:    Expert Witness: Quarry Hydrologic Analysis - 2013
Client:      Attorney - Quarry

Hydromethods was contacted to provide expert wtiness analysis for this flooding and erosion litigation case in northern Minnesota. A field investigation was completed, including aquiring site topography and conducting double-ring infiltrometer tests, followed by XP-SWMM modeling, analysis, and the completion of a technical report. Expert witness testimony provided at trial was critical in determining the final judgment.

Project:    Reitz Lake Treatment Pond and Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) - 2013
Client:      Carver County Watershed Management Organization

Hydromethods evaluated the eastern watershed of Reitz Lake for potential phosphorus-reducing alternatives, developed plans and specifications, and provided construction administration services and installation assistance.  READ MORE...  

    Advanced Formliners Site Design - 2013

Client:      Calmes Commercial Development, LLC

Hydromethods provided civil site design services for this project, including permit acquisition and completion of construction plans and specifications.  Design included site grading, erosion control, asphalt parking lot, concrete truck entrance, curb and gutter, sanitary sewer, watermain, and stormwater management.  HydroCAD and WinSLAMM were used to model stormwater for WiDNR treatment and rate control requirements.
Project:    Fiberglass Structure Design Verification - 2013
Client:      LF Manufacturing, Inc.

Hydromethods completed design calculations for fiberglass manholes to verify their structural integrity at depth; analysis included buckling and rib calculations.
Project:    New Germany Stormwater Treatment Retrofits - 2012
Client:      Carver County Watershed Management Organization

The Carver County Water Management Organization (CCWMO) desired to add stormwater treatment measures to the City's Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project that was scheduled to reconstruct nearly all city streets and utilities.  READ MORE...

Project:    St. Cloud Rain Garden Retrofit Project - 2012
Client:      Sauk River Watershed District

In an effort to improve the water quality of the Sauk River, the Sauk River Watershed District (SRWD) desired to reduce the volume of runoff from the City of St. Cloud by installing rain gardens.  READ MORE...

Project:    Hagemeister Pond Sampling & Dredging - 2011

Client:      City of Crystal, MN
Hagemeister pond (a DNR Protected Water) in Crystal has acted as a stormwater treatment pond for many years, treating stormwater runoff while providing ecological habitat to the area.  READ MORE...

Project:    North Minneapolis Bypass, Hydraulic Design & Pump Selection  - 2012
Client:      National Pump & Compressor

Hydromethods was hired to provide pipe and pump designs for continued sanitary service during this interceptor rehabilitation project.  A summary report, including all pump and pipe sizing calculations and figures, was provided for Metropolitan Council review and approval.

Project:    Reitz Lake East Side Treatment - 2012
Client:      Carver County Watershed Management Organization

Hydromethods evaluated the eastern watershed of Reitz Lake for potential phosphorus-reducing implementation alternatives, and ultimately developed plans and specifications for the County's first Floating Treatment Wetland.  READ MORE...  

Project:    BMP Assessment and Sand Filter Retrofit - 2012
Client:      Metals Manufacturing Industrial Facility, St. Paul, MN

As we've done for numerous companies throughout Minnesota, Hydromethods assessed this industrial facility's stormwater situation to ensure they remain compliant with their Industrial Stormwater Permit requirements.  A range of recommendations were provided, and ultimately construction plans were prepared for the installation of a retrofit surface sand filter.  READ MORE...

Project:    Federal Courthouse Stormwater Harvesting & Reuse Assessment - 2011
Client:      Arteka Companies; Federal General Services Agency, Minneapolis, MN

Hydromethods was consulted to evaluate the feasibility of retrofitting stormwater harvesting and reuse into the existing irrigation system at the Federal Courthouse building in downtown Minneapolis.  Hydromethods constructed a water budget model to determine the ideal cistern size that would be required to effectively provide irrigation water without costly excess storage volume.  A construction cost estimate was provided for the collection, storage, treatment and distribution system, as well as the estimated savings to be gained from the reduction in municipal water use.

Project:    Bevens Creek Restoration - 2012
Client:      Carver County Watershed Management Organization

Hydromethods provided a restoration plan consisting of soil bioengineering practices and traditional stabilization techniques. In addition, an XP-SWMM model was developed to design a stable 2-stage channel for the eroding reach.  READ MORE...   

Project:    Cold Spring Rain Gardens & Shoreland Restoration Project - 2012
Client:      Sauk River Watershed District

Hydromethods assessed previously-identified properties for rain garden and/or shoreland restoration project feasibility.  After contacting land owners and reviewing properties for suitability, Hydromethods developed construction plans, specifications and bidding documents for the project.  The expected annual reductions of TSS, TP and runoff volume were estimated for the rain gardens using the Source Loading and Management Model (WinSLAMM).

Project:    MS4 Pond Inventory - 2011
Client:      City of Wayzata, MN

Hydromethods completed the Stormwater Pond Inventory required for the NPDES/SDS MS4 General Stormwater Permit.  The inventory is required by the 2009 Minnesota Session Law, Ch. 172, and it was completed according to the MPCA guidance document "Stormwater Pond Inventory Guidance."  Existing reports and data were used as the initial basis of the inventory, and field verification was performed where possible in order to improve reliability.  A hand-held GPS unit was used to obtain coordinates for the inventoried outfalls, and map deliverables were produced using GIS software.

Project:    Riverside Estates 3rd Addition - 2011
Client:      Creative Homes, Inc.

Hydromethods was brought in as a subconsultant to complete stormwater management and site design work for the 3rd addition of the Riverside Estates development in South St. Paul.  As a relatively small development with bedrock near the surface, it was crucial to strategically grade the site to acquire the necessary space for stormwater treatment and flow control.  After completing P8 and HydroCAD modeling to ensure the Watershed District and City requirements were met, a biofiltration swale was determined to be the most cost-effective technique to meet the treatment regulations and the runoff conveyance requirements.

Project:    Blomkest Substation - 2011
Client:      Kandyohi Power Cooperative

Hydromethods completed site grading and stormwater management design for a new electirc substation for the Kandiyohi Power Cooperative (and Heartland Engineering) in Blomkest, MN.  Project work included hydraulic modeling with HydroCAD, reporting, erosion control and other grading and construction related item.  The construction plans and specifications included a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the MPCA's General Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity.


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