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BMP Inspection & Maintenance

Stormwater BMPs (Best Management Practices) such as retention ponds, rain gardens, and filtration trenches are designed and built to provide flood control and water quality benefits.  Over time, excessive sediment, contaminants, and debris can accumulate in these BMPs, and their components can become clogged or damaged.  When these things happen, the BMPs no longer work properly and can become aesthetic or public health nuisances.  Hydromethods inspects stormwater BMPs in order to assess maintenance needs and identify the maintenance services required to ensure continued functionality.

Over the past decade there has been a substantial increase in the number, variety, and complexity of BMPs.  This trend is likely to continue as lower-impact development and stricter, more comprehensive stormwater management become the norm.  There is a growing recognition by owners and agencies that proper maintenance of those BMPs is critical to their effectiveness and lifespan.  BMP owners often do not have the expertise or infrastructure necessary to properly carry out inspection and maintenance activities, and local governments often do not have the resources to add to their current inspection and maintenance operations.
         Inspection & Maintenance Services:
  • Stormwater Pond/ BMP Inventory
  • Maintenance Planning & Prioritization
  • Double Ring Infiltrometer Testing
  • Pond/BMP Inspection Program
  • Sediment Sampling & Characterization
  • Sediment Removal and Disposal Design & Permitting
  • Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) & Rain Garden Maintenance
  • Convenient Web-Based Mapping and Tracking of Maintenance Activities
  • Verification of Regulatory Compliance



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