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Hydraulic Impact Investigation

There are many different situations in which it is necessary to accurately characterize either the nature or the impact of surface water flows.  For example, when nuisance flooding, increased erosion, or other water-related damages  occur on a property, there is significant interest in determining whether these hydraulic impacts can be attributed to a particular action or change in the system. Even before problems occur, landowners may perceive an increased risk of flooding or other damages due to nearby construction, earthwork, or water control projects.  In other cases, local governments or other organizations need to understand the actual environmental effects of a given hydrologic or hydraulic system, directly addressing potential cause-and-effect relationships.

Hydromethods engineers are exceptionally qualified to investigate surface water impacts, with regard to both identifying what is occurring hydraulically in the physical setting, as well as reviewing any related analysis, modeling, and design work.  We are also highly skilled at communicating our findings, and our engineering reports are not only technically sound, but also concise, understandable, and in conformance with common sense.  Extensive experience with stormwater modeling software, as well as an in-depth understanding of the underlying science, enable our engineers to know what questions to ask and where to find the answers.  Our Professional Engineer (PE) and Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM) credentials support our authoritative expertise in this category of investigation, including:

  • Property Water Level Impacts/Flooding
  • Shoreland Stabilization & Bioengineering Shear Stress Analysis
  • Bypass Pumping Capacity & Erosion Potential
  • River Crossing Impacts
  • Scour Analysis
  • Soil Characterization/Conductivity
  • BMP Treatment Options & Manufacturer-Claimed Effectiveness Review
  • Downstream Conveyance Verification
  • Wetland / Lake / Pond HWL Determination

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